OLIVE YOUNG personifies the history of health and beauty retailers in Korea.
Our spectacular rise since 1999 is built on a business philosophy of championing co-prosperity and sharing
as well as a new value creation. Best summed up by our corporate spirit “First, Best and Differentiated,”
OLIVE YOUNG has remained true to those goals from the beginning.

  • 2019Lifestyle platform of 'healty beauty'

    • Launched ‘OLIVE YOUNG Global Mall’
    • Launched flagship mall at T-mall in China and Rakuten in Japan
    • Construction of an integrated logistics center in the metropolitan area completed
    • Selected as the No. 1 in the “Health and Beauty Store” category
      for the 2019 National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI)
      (Source: Korea Productivity Center)
  • 2018Omni-channel service implementation

    • Launched ‘Same day Delivery, the first delivery service in the industry
    • Launched fine beauty meticulous care brand ‘fillimilli’
  • 2017Digital-based Lifestyle Trend Curation

    • More than 1,000 stores across Korea
    • Opened flagship store in Gangnam, Seoul and renewed Myeongdong flagship store
    • Named best Health & Beauty brand in the 2017 National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI)
    • (Source: Korea Productivity Center)
  • 2016Ranked as the top brand for trendsetters

    • Surpassed 1 trillion KRW in sales revenue
    • Opened flagship store in Gwangbok
    • Ranked top in H&B Store segment in 2016 National Consumer Satisfaction Index
    • (Source: Korea Customer Appraisal)
    • Promoted social value initiatives
  • 2015Led initiatives for health and beauty lifestyle culture

    • Signed agreement with Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to nurture regional
    • and specialized marketers
    • Launched ONLYONE ‘WAKEMAKE’ eye makeup and ‘ROUND A’ROUND’ as private labels
  • 2014Integrated smart tech and retail

    • Merged with CJ Systems and renamed CJ OliveNetworks Co., Ltd.
    • Launched ONLYONE ‘DREAMWORKS’ private label collection
    • in collaboration with movie studio DreamWorks
    • Launched UNESCO Girls’ Education campaign
  • 2013Advanced into the global market

    • Opened the first overseas store in Shanghai, China
    • Launched ONLYONE ‘XTM STYLE HOMME’ skincare
    • and ‘BOTANIC HEAL boH’ cosmetics as private labels
  • 2012Developed a lifestyle platform

    • Opened flagship store in Myeongdong, Seoul
    • Launched ONLYONE ‘SHINGMULNARA’ private skincare label
  • 2011Increased sales channels

    • Started an online shopping mall
  • 2008Expanded nationwide

    • Opened store in Busan, the first outside Seoul
    • Began selling dermocosmetics, previously distributed only in pharmacies
  • 2007Started to adopt differentiated strategies

    • Launched ONLYONE brand ‘OLIVE YOUNG’
  • 2002Debuted brand identity

    • Separated from CJ CheilJedang
    • Established CJ OliveNetworks Co., Ltd.
  • 1999Launched Korea’s first health and beauty retail business

    • CJ CheilJedang established the Health & Beauty Convenience (HBC) Business Division
    • Opened Korea’s first health and beauty store in Sinsa-dong, Seoul