OLIVE YOUNG CSR ProgramsCorporate Social Responsibility
How we foster hope by showing compassion

OLIVE YOUNG participates in a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that reflect our value for sharing.
Our campaigns leverage our distinctive strengths as the leading health and beauty store.
Our employees enjoy getting involved and our customers appreciate the added social value to their purchase.

UNESCO Girls’ Education Campaign

In November 2014, CJ Group established a partnership with UNESCO and launched the UNESCO Girl’s Education Campaign to provide learning opportunities for girls deprived of their educational needs in developing countries. By preparing various items for donation, OLIVE YOUNG devises fun and easy ways for customers to participate, while also helping customers donate some of their accumulated reward points each month on OLIVE YOUNG- promoting enjoyable methods of practicing good consumerism and charitable acts. The campaign’s slogan ‘Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Change’ emphasizes how the beauty of our mindset can bring about beautiful change for the girls’ futures. OLIVE YOUNG promises to take lead in promoting donations that customers can enjoy, while delivering the message that small actions can have great value.

“Share with OLIVE” Employee Volunteer Corps

A volunteer organization of OLIVE YOUNG employees, “Share with OLIVE” practices sharing at community welfare facilities for low-income women and underprivileged children. All employees at OLIVE YOUNG are happy to volunteer, with the aim to serve at least once a year.

Pink Box Sharing Campaign

The Pink Box Sharing Campaign is a special community service program for low-income teenage girls. Each year, we donate sanitary napkins along with eco-friendly canvas bags put together by OLIVE YOUNG employees. Involving employee volunteers makes this campagin more meaningful than simple donations of money or goods. Several suppliers of women's hygiene products also contribute disposable sanitary napkins towards the campaign.

OLIVE YOUNG CSV ProgramsCreating Shared Value
How we create a better world by growing together

The special nature of the health and beauty business is the inspiration behind OLIVE YOUNG’s creating shared value (CSV).
We share strategies with our suppliers that enable us to grow and prosper together, while also participating in government programs for local communities that builds successful partnership models.

“Happy Companion” with OLIVE YOUNG

In May 2015, OLIVE YOUNG and the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy signed an agreement to help turn regional specialized products into global bestsellers. In 2016, we launched the REAL brand of the Regional Innovation System, an association that supports small local producers in Korea. These producers are invited to participate in CJ Group’s Happy Companion project, which supports prospective regional small enterprises that produce powerful products. The effective partnership is built by developing marketing concepts together that will increase product competitiveness and, ultimately, lead to growth for both the producers and OLIVE YOUNG