Terms and Conditions for Influencers

Article 1. Purpose

Members (“Members”) who request to join the Influencer Program (“Program”) managed by CJ Olive Young Co., Ltd. (“Company”) are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Use.

Article 2. Qualification

  1. All influencers may apply for every program regardless of its type; provided, however, that a user (hereinafter “User”) desiring to become the Member of a program shall have an account on one of the following social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Snapchat.
  2. The Company determines membership eligibility by examining the category, nature of the content, and degree of participation of the social media account registered by the User and may refuse to approve the User ‘s application for membership.
  3. If a social media channel is linked to an existing Olive Young Global Mall account, such channel shall not be linked to another Olive Young Global Mall account via that channel. Each social media channel can only be linked to one Olive Young Global Mall account.

Article 3. Representation and Amendment of These Terms and Use

  1. By participating in the Program and using the Reward Code, the relevant user shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use, and these Terms of Use shall take effect accordingly.
  2. The Company may amend these Terms of Use to the extent that there occur no violations against relevant laws, including the “Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc.,” “Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act,” “Framework Act on Electronic Commerce,” “Digital Signature Act,” “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection” (“Information and Communications Network Act”), “Door-to-Door Sales, Etc. Act,” and “Framework Act on Consumers.”
  3. If the Company amends these Terms of Use, the Company shall publish the effective date and the reason for the amendment thereof, along with the existing Terms of Use, on the home page of Olive Young Global Mall website from seven days before the effective date to the date immediately before the effective date while notifying such information to the email address that the Members have registered. However, if the content of these Terms of Use is changed unfavorably to the Member, such information shall be notified or published with a grace period of at least 30 days in advance. In this case, the Company shall display the amendments in an easy-to-understand manner for Members.
  4. In cases where the Member fails to expressly refuse the amendments even though, when notifying or publishing the amended Terms of Use, the Company has advised that if the Member fails to express their intention to refuse within the period specified in the preceding clause, the Member will be deemed to have no intention to refuse, the Member shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended Terms of Use.
  5. If the Company notifies or publishes that these Terms of Use have been amended, as well as the amendments using the email address that the Member has registered, it is deemed that the Company has provided the notification properly.
  6. If a Member does not agree to the amended Terms of Use, they may request the Company to withdraw their membership.

Article 4. Member Registration

  1. The User’s application for participation in the Program is automatically approved, but the Company may refuse to approve the application of the Member after reviewing his/her account.
  2. Olive Young Global Mall may conduct a reliability survey against the Influencer account once a month. If it is found that a user’s account is a false account, the user’s Influencer Membership may be restricted or suspended without prior notice.
  3. When a user signs up for an Influencer Membership, the Company shall collect the following:
    1. 1.SNS ID directly provided by the Influencer Member;
    2. 2.Relevant country of the Influencer Member;
    3. 3.Address information of the Influencer Member; and
    4. 4.PayPal ID of the Influencer Member.

Article 5. Reward Code

  1. An Influencer Member may create their customized reward code (“Reward Code”) when applying for the Program.
  2. A Reward Code shall be 7–12 characters long and use both uppercase letters and Arabic numerals.
  3. Only a Member who has signed up for Olive Young Global Mall, including a new member, can use a reward code. Nonmembers cannot use it.
  4. The created Reward Code is automatically included in a product link (“Reward Link”) when an Influencer Member shares the link. The Influencer Member can modify and remove the Reward Code that was automatically included.
  5. Any sales made through a Reward Link or any purchase made through a Reward Link is counted based on cookies recorded when the link is clicked. These cookies are recorded for 30 days.
  6. Any purchase made through a Reward Link is updated by the cookies of the last clicked link. Cookies of browsers and APPs may be recorded separately, so the Reward Codes of different Influencer Members may be counted respectively.
    In this case, the last clicked Reward Code on the relevant device shall be counted.
  7. A Reward Link may be created on the following pages in Olive Young Global Mall:
    1. 1.Under the My Page Affiliate tab in Olive Young Global Mall;
    2. 2.Product for Sale page in Olive Young Global Mall; and
    3. 3.Affiliate Event page in Olive Young Global Mall.
  8. If a user has a friend referral reward code (“Friend Referral Code”) received from Olive Young Global Mall Friend Referral Program, such a Reward Code shall be invalidated when the Reward Code for the new Influencer Membership is provided. However, any order previously made using the existing Friend Referral Code shall not be affected.
  9. A user shall not promote the Reward Code in any manner that could be interpreted as impersonating, representing, or charging against any third party for Commission generation.
  10. The Company reserves the right to deactivate the Reward Code at its discretion if the Reward Code is inappropriate or rejectable.

Article 6. Commission and Cash Conversion

  1. If an Influencer Member’s followers (“Customers”) purchase using a Reward Code or Reward Link, a 5% discount benefit shall be applied to the Customers.
  2. To promote the use of a Reward Code, an Influencer Member shall receive 5% - 13% of the sales amount as separate Commission points, depending on their Influencer revenues. The Commission point rate shall be designated based on the criteria separately notified to Influencer Members. The sales revenues generated from the Reward Codes shall reset on the first day of every month. 
  3. Commission points made upon the purchase by a Customer through a Reward Code and Reward Link shall be provided three days after delivery, and if cancelation/refund occurs after three days, the points shall be returned.
    In the case of a partial refund, the points shall be returned depending on the proportion of the refund amount.
  4. The commission generated through the Reward Code may be converted to cash if the amount is USD 20 or more. You cannot transfer money to a Korean PayPal account, so please register it with a PayPal account in other countries. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, certain members may be converted and paid after excluding 3.3% tax on commission. The influencer Member shall provide the account information required to convert the commission into cash, and the Company shall not be responsible for any issue arising from the error of such account information.
    (When withdrawing money after remitting a fee, PayPal will charge a withdrawal fee, and the Company will not bear such a fee.)
  5. The commission points that the influencer Member receives under Paragraph ② shall be effective for two (2) years from the date of receipt and shall be extinct thereafter; provided, however, it shall not apply to the points awarded before November 23, 2023. If the influencer Member requests for cancellation of, or withdrawal from participation in the Program, such points shall be invalidated.
  6. Details of cash conversion using Olive Young Commission Points
    Details Descriptions
    Withdrawal date once a month
    How to withdraw PayPal account
  7. The discount rate for Customers and Commission rate may be changed according to the Company’s policy change. In this case, the Company shall notify or publish the amendments under the provisions of these Terms of Use.
  8. If the Company becomes incapable of providing services for any reason, including the conversion of business items, the revocation of the Program, mergers of businesses, etc., the Company shall notify users of such information and compensate Influencer Members and other Consumers according to the specified conditions. However, unless the Company notifies the compensation standards, etc. otherwise, the points shall be paid to the user in kind or cash corresponding to the currency value accepted in the shopping mall.

Article 7. Restrictions on General Publicity

  1. Each Influencer Member is allowed only one Olive Young Global Mall Influencer account.
  2. The Member is allowed to share a Reward Code on a personal blog or a personal social media account, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., according to the applicable terms for each account; provided, however, that it is not allowed to include into the social media profile any avatar or other content that may be construed as being managed by or related to Olive Young Global Mall.
  3. The social media account username and Reward Code shall not contain the words “Olive Young” or “Olive Young Global Mall.” Furthermore, the Reward Code may not include any existing or previous Olive Young Global Mall promotion code or coupon code.
  4. An Influencer Member shall promote their Reward Code by using only one social media account per social media platform. Any promotion of one Reward Code using multiple accounts for the same social media service shall not be accepted.
  5. The social media account username shall not contain “Olive Young” or “Olive Young Global Mall” or use similar words. Furthermore, a user may not customize their Reward Code to make it look the same as their social media account username. Likewise, it is also prohibited from changing the social media account username to look the same as their Reward Code.
  6. A user may send a Reward Code via email using their email address or the share icon on the Olive Young Global Mall website. However, it is prohibited from making such an email give the impression that it is sent or sponsored by Olive Young Global Mall.
  7. The Company may immediately delete the registered Influencer account or suspend a Reward Code if fraudulent promotions or other acts, including but not limited to the examples listed in these Terms of Use, are detected.

Article 8. Influencer Partnership

The Company collaborates with Influencer Members with outstanding activities concerning prizes, product reviews, or coupons sponsored by Olive Young Global Mall. The Company continuously monitors the activities of Influencer Members and may collaborate with Influencer Members with excellent performances in carrying out events, including special exhibitions, etc.

Article 9. Collection and Use of Information

  1. Content related to Olive Young Global Mall, including content produced by Influencer Members for social media channels or content directly submitted by Influencer Members to Olive Young Global Mall, may be collected and used by the Company for marketing, promotion, and analysis purposes. However, in this case, the Company shall make the best efforts to protect the Influencer Members’ personal information, and Influencer Members shall pay sufficient attention before disclosing their information through social media channels. Such content may include text, images, videos, and posts that mention Olive Young Global Mall as a sponsor or partner as well as posts on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or other social media that include Olive Young Global Mall in a hashtag or are based on any product received from Olive Young Global Mall. The Company may modify, edit, and utilize it without changing the essence thereof.
  2. An Influencer Member agrees to permit the Company to collect their content from the Influencer Member’s social media channels and the Olive Young Global Mall website for marketing, promotion, or analysis purposes. The Influencer Member also agrees to grant the Company’s business partners a nonexclusive, irrevocable right to publish their content for marketing, promotional or analytical purposes. The Company does not guarantee that the Company or its business partners will publish specific content upon being granted such a right. The Company or its business partners may use or publish such content at its or their discretion.
  3. If an Influencer Member does not agree to the collection and use of their content, the Influencer Member may notify the Company and withdraw from the Program at any time.

Article 10. Suspension and Prohibition of Membership and Status

  1. If any content created by an Influencer Member contains Olive Young Global Mall products or Olive Young Global Mall’s brand name and includes the following, the Influencer Member’s membership may be disqualified.
    1. 1.Abusive or obscene content
    2. 2.Racist or discriminatory content
    3. 3.Sexual content, including explicit images and videos
    4. 4.Comments responding to or copying content created by other Influencer Members or content creators
    5. 5.“Spam” content
    6. 6.Discussion on topics irrelevant with its purpose
  2. If an Influencer Member’s comments or personal messages on social media channels damage the Company’s brand image, the Influencer Member’s membership may be suspended by the Company.
  3. The Company has the right to prohibit the use of Commissions and Reward Codes immediately and invalidate the membership of “Olive Young Global Mall Influencer” if any misconduct, abuse, or other wrongful conduct, including but not limited to the examples listed above, is discovered or suspected.

Article 11. Withdrawal and Loss of Membership, Etc.

  1. A Member may request the Company to withdraw from the Influencer Membership directly through the service, in writing, by phone, or via email, and the Company shall convert the Member’s account to a regular member account immediately upon completing the relevant procedure after receiving such request.
  2. When an Influencer Member withdraws their Membership, the previously accumulated Commission points shall be deleted.

Article 12. Indemnity

  1. By reading these Terms of Use and clicking the “I agree” button when applying for an Influencer Membership using the prescribed form of the Company, the Member shall be deemed to agree to these Terms of Use.
  2. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused by reasons attributable to the Member.
  3. In relation to the information, data, and facts posted by a Member or third party (including business partners), the Company does not warrant and is not responsible for the completeness, stability, legality, and noninfringement of the rights of others of such information or data, unless objectively recognizing and confirming the falsehood and illegality of such information or data.
  4. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by the incapability to provide services because of force majeure, including natural disasters.
  5. If the Company provides its services under any contract executed with the affiliate site, the Company is not responsible for any damage caused by the services provided by the affiliate site.
  6. The Company has the right to terminate, suspend, modify, or cancel this Program in accordance with the Company’s policy changes. All changes shall be notified or published in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and shall take effect immediately on the effective date specified in the notification or publication.

(Terms and Conditions for Influencers v.1.3 Published on November 23st, 2023)
Implementation Privacy Policy: November 23st, 2023