Be successful as an affiliate with OLIVE YOUNG

Earning commission can't be any easier with the OLIVE YOUNG Affiliate Program : Payouts over USD 20, easy sign up process, and 13% commission.
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Joining the OLIVE YOUNG Affiliate Program will make you a trend leader,
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What is the OLIVE YOUNG affiliate program?

The OLIVE YOUNG Global Affiliate Program will pay a commission for eligible sales generated through your posts. The commission rate is determined based on the amount of qualified sales, and you can withdraw the accumulated commission in cash once it exceeds USD 20.

How it works

01 Join

All OLIVE YOUNG Global members with social media accounts can participate! It only takes 30 seconds.

02 Recommend Products

Introduce products your followers would love on your social media page. Followers who visit the product page through your posts will receive a 5% discount.

03 Earn a Commission

Earn commission on eligible sales generated through your posts and withdraw them in cash!


View our full list FAQs
  • How can I withdraw commission point?

    When you have above $20 of commission points, you can withdraw it.
    You may check the amount through My Account ‘Affiliate’ in your account, and click ‘Redeem’ to withdraw it.
    The withdrawal is available through your Paypal account, and the total amount of commission points you have will be taken out once a month.

  • How does OLIVEYOUNG'S Affiliate Program work?

    OLIVEYOUNG'S Affiliates can earn commissions on qualifying sales that result from featuring links to OLIVEYOUNG products and OLIVEYOUNG promotion on your social media.
    Depend on your sale amount, your commission rate will be difined.

  • What is the difference between the Reward Point and commission?

      Reward Point Commission
    Using when you pay O X
    Withdrawing by cash X O

    The Reward Point has an expiration date for use, so be sure to check it.

  • Where can i check my commission?

    You can check your commission points through My Account ‘Affiliate’ in your account. The commission points will be issued 3 days after delivery is completed. And if there is a cancellation or return by the ordering person, the commission points can differ from the estimated amount.

If you have any other inquiries, Please do not hesitate to e-mail us:

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