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1. Purpose of the Collection and Use of Personal Information
Content curation, Marketing
2. Personal information to be collected
Date of birth, Gender
3. Retention period of personal information and Right to refuse consent
If a customer deletes their account or edits their customer information, the corresponding information will be destroyed immediately. Users can still use the store’s services if they do not agree to the Collection and Use of Personal Information.
You can receive discount coupons, benefits, events, new arrivals, and other valuable information from the shopping mall.
1. Personal Information Olive Young Collects and Methods of Collection
1) When you agree to receive shopping or event information via E-mail Address: E-mail Address
2) When you agree to receive shopping or event information via APP PUSH: PUSH token
Since APP PUSH is sent from Korea, you may be received at night time (9:00 PM to 8:00 AM)  in countries other than Korea.

However, some information will be sent without your agreement such as order/payment status and policy related articles.
You can join the membership without agreeing to the optional categories, and update your status anytime at Edit Profile page once you join the membership.